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Privacy Policy



In this Effectuate Privacy Policy, you will find help to better understand what data we collect, where we collect it and what we use it for.


1. General

1.1. This Personal Data Policy applies to all personal info you provide us and/or we collect as a customer of Effectuate or when you visit our website:


2. Data responsible

2.1. The organisation responsible for managing your personal info and data is:

Aløvej 17

8600 Silkeborg


CVR nr. 38885251

2.2. All personal info and data managed by Effectuate complies with the EU’s general data protection regulation (GDPR) as well as the Danish personal data guidelines, which apply after 25 May 2018.


2.3. If you have questions about our privacy policy or how we manage your info, you can contact us at jens@effecuate.dkor by phone at +45 26 66 75 25


2.4. If you wish for more insight into your personal info, or if you believe the info we have registered is incorrect - or if you have any other objections regarding your info, you can contact Effectuate. You have the right to know which info we have registered and can object to any registered info in accordance with data protection laws. 

3. Website and cookies

3.1. When you visit the website, we use Google Analytics cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your browser, which enables us to recognise your computer when you visit the website again. Cookies help us identity how many visit our website (by measuring traffic), plus how users interact with our website. We do not collect information about user behaviour that allows us to connect user behaviour with certain individuals.  


3.2 As mentioned in paragraph 3.1, we use Google Analytics cookies to provide us with insights into how users use our website. We do not share this data with anyone else and it is used exclusively to improve the website and user experience for you as the user. Read more about Google Analytics cookies 


3.3. You can remove cookies from Google Analytics. (This is not recommended).


3.4. Cookies are automatically deleted after a few months, (can vary from website to website), but are renewed with every new visit to a website. You can read more about deleting or blocking cookies.


4. Collecting personal data

4.1. If you are a client, we collect the following info: name, title, address, postal code, city, country, mobile number, e-mail address + invoicing info such as company name, CVR number, etc. 


4.2. Your personal info is never shared with third parties unless your consent is given otherwise.


4.3. We do not collect special categories of personal info (sensitive data) about you.

5. Handling of personal info

5.1. We only handle personal info when necessary, for example when creating a new customer profile. This may be necessary to fulfill our obligation in regards to agreements and associated services. This may also apply to the obligation we have as a Danish company, in which we are regulated by Danish law. 


5.2. Personal info should be understood as defined by the general data protection regulation.


5.3. We do not create profiles of you and do not misuse your personal info. We do not share your personal info without your consent, unless required to in connection with legislative action.


5.4. If you are a client, we use your personal info to:

  • Provide customer service, support, answer questions and fulfill your requests.

  • Carry out your orders and deliver our services.

  • Manage administration and customer relations with you.

  • Send info, via e-mail, about new opportunities, products, prices, system updates, maintenance warnings, etc.


6. Sharing info

6.1. We may share your personal info with suppliers and partners who assist us in delivering our services or assist us with our IT-operations, Hosting, SMS-gateway mv. This means that we, for example, may share your personal info with our service operators, technical support and our bank.

6.1.2. We may share your personal info in the capacity that we are required to by law, for example when reporting to authorities, for instance, the tax authorities. 


7. Sharing info with recipients outside of the EU

7.1 As data controllers, we do not share your personal info with recipients outside of the EU.


8. Protection of personal info and data

8.1. According to the data protection law, your personal info must be stored safely and confidentially. We store your personal info on computers with limited access, which are located in controlled facilities. Further, our security measures are continuously controlled to determine if our user information is handled responsibly and in consideration of your rights as a user. We cannot, however, guarantee 100 percent security with data transfer via the internet. This means that there is a limited risk that other parties may be able to access info that is transmitted electronically. Therefore, any info shared is done so at your own risk.


8.2. Personal info is continuously deleted or made anonymous as the purpose for which it is used is completed. Personal info is saved no more than 12 months after the purpose has concluded.


8.3. The rapid development of the internet means that changes in our handling of personal info may be necessary. We reserve the right to update and change existing guidelines for handling of personal info. Should this occur, we will update the date under the “last updated” section found at the bottom of the website (See paragraph 9 below). In the event of more significant changes, we will inform you via a visible message on our website.


8.4. According to the general data protection regulation, you have the right to know which personal info is ascribed to you. In the event that this info or data is incorrect or misleading, you have the right to demand these corrected, deleted or blocked. You can, at any time, object to any personal info as well as retract your consent. You also have the option of lodging a formal complaint about how your info and/or data is handled. Complaints should be sent to the Data Protection Agency, who can be reached at



9. Last updated

9.1. This privacy policy was last updated 16 September 2018

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